Dress Rehearsal

Dress Rehearsal: Friday, May 11th: 4-9 pm at Niwot High School ~ drop off and check in at auditorium entrance.

All dancers need to arrive in their first costume with hair and makeup complete. Please make sure that you have all pieces of your costumes labeled and organized for your dancer.

All dancers are excused as soon as they are done with their final dance. Parents are welcome to wait for them, but we ask that they wait in the lobby as we have a closed door rehearsal. Dancers can leave their things for the next day. However, please make sure they have organized them and are ready for show time the next day. Be sure to take home your first costume so they will arrive ready for the show.

**Pack snacks, dinner and a water bottle for your dancer depending on how long they will be at rehearsal**

All students are required to attend the dress rehearsal.

Dress Rehearsal
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