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Little Bird Music Classes

"I'm a Rainbow today - all the colors of the world are in me." from the song "Colors" by Kira Willey

In this parent/child class, all the colors of your child will shine through joyful music making! We will sing, dance, explore musical instruments, and have spirited jam sessions. This will give your child the opportunity to fully express themselves in a nurturing environment and instill a love of music that will be with them throughout their lives.

Ages 0-3

Creative Movement

Creative movement is a class that focuses on movement quality, self-expression, and the love of dance as an art form while strengthening motor skills. Students will be introduced to dynamics, time, effort and spacing through imaginative and improvisational movement. Students will develop the ability to fully express themselves to music with not only creative dance exercises but with the aids of props like balloons, scarves, ribbons, sticks, hoops and small percussion instruments. Creative movement is the beginning step for building a passion for dance and music that will last a lifetime.

Ages 3-4 & 5-7


The focus of Pre-Ballet/Tap is to build a strong dance foundation by emphasizing technique, vocabulary,
and musicality. Students will begin to absorb positions, fundamental movements, and rich terminology.
Dancers will continue to experiment with creative movement exercises aimed specifically toward ballet and
tap techniques. By using playful music and props, this level of dancers will learn the necessary exercises
and steps to progress to further levels of dance.
Ages 5-6


Recognized as the foundation form for studio dance, Ballet emphasizes technique, discipline, musicality and vocabulary.  Created in the royal courts of Europe, Ballet values precision, alignment, and discipline.  Our ballet classes will be conducted in a professional atmosphere by educated and trained instructors with teaching and performing experience.  Students will master the fundamentals of classical ballet that will enrich their artistry as well as build a strong base for additional dance forms.


Jazz dance is an American form that emerged from and combined African, Folk, Ballet, Modern, and Musical Theatre techniques in light of the Jazz music era.  It is a dance genre that relies on rhythmical variation, flexibility, and strength.  Students will be taught a variety of modern jazz dance styles that will emphasize rhythm, center control of the body, isolations, and balance.  All which are skills that aid in the execution of the strong and sharp movements that make this form so popular.   


A fundamental technique, Tap dancing is an art form that combines percussion with movement.  Rooted in African dance and blossomed by American jazz dancers of the 1920’s and 30’s, Tap is embedded in intricate footwork that focuses on complex rhythms.  Students will master the codified steps that are used in rhythm and Broadway styles.

Hip Hop

The most recent and most popular form of movement is the American born culture and lifestyle of Hip Hop.  An Art form that encompasses music, lyrics, art, and dance, Hip Hop is a technique that began in the seventies on both sides of the U.S. coasts.  Its steps have been studied, mastered, and passed along influencing social and theatrical dance style variations.  Students will be exposed to the intricate steps as well as the cultural aspects of the form. This class focuses on both hip hop foundation and choreography. Students will learn movement vocabulary from hip hop styles like breakin, locking, popping and choreography which combines these styes with hip hop and RnB inspired movement and music. Using this vocabulary and choreography each student will find their personal groove.

Contemporary Dance

This class emphasizes the fusion of traditional studio techniques (ballet, modern and jazz) as well as concepts from hip-hop, folk dance and dance from pop culture.  Elements of ballet technique, modern floorwork and jazz isolations are incorporated into both the warm up and choreographic phrases.  Students are encouraged to focus on individual artistry through the rhythm, focus, and movement quality that comes from the blending of different dance styles.  Because a general understanding of multiple styles is required, this class is recommended only for dancers ages 12 and up who have had a minimum of two years of dance in at least two different dance techniques. 

Breakin' (Break Dancing)

Breakin' is the original form of hip hop dance. In this class students will learn the basics of breakin: Top Rock, Footwork, Drops or Go-downs, Freezes and Power Moves as well as practice the foundation of breakin. The main focus of this class is to teach foundation and freestyle. This is a dynamic class with many acrobatic tricks and moves.

Defined Motion Dance Team

Mayama Dance Team – “Defined Motion”
By Audition Only

Defined Motion is a group of Mayama students that dance together and compete in dance competitions as well as perform locally.

This group of dancers work very hard individually and as a team to execute difficult choreography and
dance technique.

Being part of the dance team helps a dancer to reach new heights. They begin to approach their dance
education with new goals of excellence. Their weekly classes become stepping-stones towards improving
execution of technique and performance. It changes the mind set from “I dance as a hobby” to “I am a

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Musical Theater Sing! Act! Dance!

Sing! Act! Dance! In Music Theatre Workshop we will explore these various art forms that together make the Broadway musical so thrilling. Music theatre vocal technique, song interpretation, dance, and staged movement will be explored. There will be opportunities for both solo and/or ensemble singing culminating in a staged musical number. Work of this kind can help develop confidence and stage presence in young dancers and singers. Students in this class will have 1.5 hours total each week. Class will begin with 1/2 hour of singing and acting with Shannon Johnson followed by Musical Theatre Dance with Ali Kishiyama.

Musical Theatre Dance will focus on learning proper dance technique while exploring the various dance styles used in Broadway shows. Class curriculum is based on ballet technique layered with Broadway style jazz movement and includes a proper warm-up, stretches, isolations, across-the-floor progressions, and combinations. Emphasis will also be placed on learning performance skills such as connecting with the audience and telling a story through dance and facial expressions.