Dance Team Hip Hop B Choreography

Wendy Olson
1/2 Hour Class: Main Studio (location map)
Tuesday, 6:45 PM - 7:15 PM
01/02/18 - 05/08/18 (18 weeks)


Mayama Dance Team – “Defined Motion”
By Audition Only

Defined Motion is a group of Mayama students that dance together and compete in dance competitions as well as perform locally.

This group of dancers work very hard individually and as a team to execute difficult choreography and
dance technique.

Being part of the dance team helps a dancer to reach new heights. They begin to approach their dance
education with new goals of excellence. Their weekly classes become stepping-stones towards improving
execution of technique and performance. It changes the mind set from “I dance as a hobby” to “I am a

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Upcoming Meetings
03/27/18    <None> Tuesday (Spring Break, No Children's Dance Classes) 03/27/18 (Spring Break, No Children's Dance Classes)
04/03/18    6:45 PM Tuesday 04/03/18 6:45 PM
04/10/18    6:45 PM Tuesday 04/10/18 6:45 PM
04/17/18    6:45 PM Tuesday 04/17/18 6:45 PM
04/24/18    6:45 PM Tuesday 04/24/18 6:45 PM
05/01/18    6:45 PM Tuesday 05/01/18 6:45 PM
05/08/18    6:45 PM Tuesday 05/08/18 6:45 PM